What is GoTicket?

GoTicket is an online ticketing platform for live experiences all over Saudi Arabia.

How can I register to GoTicket?

Go to register and fill the information (your email, mobile number and choose a password) then press register and now you have an account at GoTicket.

Can I change my mobile number/password?

Go to my profile page then change your information and confirm.

I forgot my password!

Go to sign in page and press "forgot my password" then enter your email and you will receive email to reset your password.

How can I buy a ticket?

Register or sign in /select ticket /enter requested information (some require email, mobile number or ID according to the event and the organizer) /price will show based on your selection /add ticket /go to tickets /pay now /enter your payment information /now you purchase your ticket.

How can I pay for my tickets?

We offer multiple payment methods, you can pay using Mada, Visa and Master Card.

How can I know my purchase is confirmed?

After you complete your purchase you will receive an email with all your tickets details also you can find the details of your purchase in your profile.

I did not receive a confirmation email after my purchase!

Check your spam emails, if you do not find the details of your purchase in your profile then contact customer support.

How can I print my tickets?

No need to print your tickets, online copy is more than enough but if you want you can print the tickets from your account page.

I added a ticket to my cart by mistake!

You can go to ticket on the upper right of the page then simply remove the ticket.

Can I edit on my tickets after I add it to my cart?

You can go to ticket on the upper right of the page /delete any unwanted ticket.

Can I reserve tickets for later?

You can not reserve the tickets for later /adding tickets to cart is not reserving.

Can I return my tickets?

Unfortunately, you can not return or refund tickets.

How can I register as a vendor?

Go to sell with us /complete the information requested /register and wait for confirmation.

What are the benefits of being a vendor at GoTicket?

We will help you sell faster with our wide reach, you can manage your events easily and get live reports about your events and tickets.

How can I sell my tickets?

Go to your account then select "sell your ticket" step by step add all your event information and requirement /will be reviewed and confirmed by our team.

Can I check the details of my sold products?

Go to your profile then select the event and you can see the details of the sold tickets and print them.

How can I keep track of my events and tickets?

Go to your profile page and you can find all the details related to your listed events, sold, remaining and all other details.

Can I edit my published tickets?

You can not edit or delete your tickets after confirmation.

Can I change my vendor details?

Yes, go to my profile page and change the information you want.

Can I add personal events?

No /it has to be public and authorized.

Can I buy tickets using my vendor account?

Sure you can, just browse the tickets and add what you like to buy it.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets I can add?

There is no limits, you can add as much events and tickets as you want.